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Service Description


Cloud Forms (‘the Service’) is designed to provide an easy and efficient way to complete legal forms, and to manage and submit digital forms to certain government departments and agencies. It helps organisations deal with the changes being brought about by the government’s Digital by Default strategy. The Service is an online service accessed via a browser, and requires no additional software to be installed. The Service maintains libraries of forms for completion online or digital submission. For those forms submitted digitally, it handles the end to end process from creating a new form, through to downloading the response from an agency, and all steps in between.

The Service offers all the benefits of submitting forms digitally, but without many of the limitations of using the portals provided by agencies. Digital submissions have a faster turnaround time, as they are quicker to submit and receive responses.

This Service Description should be read in conjunction with the Advanced Terms and Conditions available here

Library of forms available in Cloud Forms

There is a full library of legal forms available in Cloud Forms, similar to using a desktop legal forms product. For more detail or a full list, email

Forms which can be submitted digitally in Cloud Forms

The following forms can be submitted using the service: to Companies House - Mortgage filing and Company Secretarial forms, to HMRC - SDLT forms, to Land Registry – AP1 - Applications to change the register.

Other forms will be added to the service in time, so that users will be able to submit a range of forms to a number of different agencies, from a single interface.

Service Terms

For digital submissions, the Service is charged based on the number of forms which are submitted. There are no additional maintenance charges. Forms are charged per successful submission – rejected forms are not subject to a separate charge. There is no limit to the number of users within an organisation may use the Service

There may be fees or disbursements changed by the agency to which a form is digitally submitted. These fees are set by the agency and are usually lower than the fees payable for submitting a form by post. Agency fees are not covered by the Service, and are paid separately.

Access to the full library of forms, which are not for digital submission, is based on a subscription licence; your Advanced account manager can provide details of this.

Features Provided by the Service

Forms can be downloaded as PDF files at any stage to share, print, or save to a preferred location.

Reports are available from Cloud Forms, including: a report listing all forms submitted to agencies and the fees incurred.

User permissions can be controlled by someone with administrative rights. This includes the ability to prevent individual users from being able to submit forms to Companies House.

Forms can be transferred to an archive folder, to help users manage forms and focus on those which are active.

Once a form has been submitted to an agency, it becomes read-only, so that it cannot be changed – except where the form has been rejected and requires editing, for example for resubmission.

A record of the person within the client organisation who has approved a form can be made, for monitoring and compliance purposes.

Forms supported by Cloud Forms are updated as quickly as possible following any changes imposed by the agency.

Service Availability

The service will be available on an “always on” basis, subject to occasional planned outages due to maintenance and upgrades, and subject any unavoidable interruptions due to third parties. Planned outages will usually take place outside normal office hours, which will be notified to customers in advance.

Access to the Service will be provided even when the agency gateway is unavailable, so users can continue to access content and work on draft forms. As soon as the agency gateway becomes available, all outstanding communications from the agency will be downloaded automatically. Please note that agencies gateways have their own operating hours and that the Service is in no way responsible for any communications received (or not) from any agency gateway.

Audit Logs

Key activities for each form are recorded as events, along with the user name, time and date. These are displayed against the form, and can be printed as a record. It is easy to see who has created, amended and submitted any form. The time and date of submission, receipt, and completion or rejection is captured, together with any rejection reasons provide by the agency.

Retention of Content

The most up to date version of all forms created by users on the Service will be retained, while the customer has a valid subscription to the Service, subject to a generous 20Gb data limit, which can be extended if necessary. Individual forms can be removed on request.

Service Platform

The Service is a cloud-based application underpinned by a platform which is delivered largely using Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS components.

What Security and Data Protection features does the Service offer?

The Service is built around globally adopted security procedures using TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) protocol for encrypting information in transit over the Internet and graded encryption for sensitive data at rest, such as bcrypt for password encryption

Data is stored in data centres located within the EU. For more detail on security arrangements, contact your Advanced account manager.

Software Design and Management

The Service will be enhanced to include new features and new forms. Cloud Forms adopts a process of continuous software delivery, so that enhancements can be delivered to users as soon as possible, in small increments. Any software updates will apply to all users, so it is not possible for users to opt out of an update.

Are there any limitations?

Certain limitations are imposed by agencies in terms of the data that can be submitted, for instance the size of any attachments. These limitations are built into the Service to prevent submissions being rejected.

System Requirements

The Service is a browser and email based service. Users require access to the Internet, an email account, and software capable of reading PDF files. No additional software is required to run the service.

Browser Compatibility:

Default browser settings are fine. If you have configured the browser settings to disable local storage or javascript, you will need to revert to default with local storage turned on, and javascript enabled.

The Service is updated regularly with both content and functional changes. For the up-to-date position, refer back to this page regularly.